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The clinic accepts and bills most insurance panels for you.  Ideally, it'd be great if you could confirm your benefits before your first visit.  If you'd like us to see if your insurance is covered, call or email for confirmation!

postheadericon Dr. Noel Snodgrass

A few words with Dr. Noel Snodgrass, Chiropractic Physician.

Why did you become a chiropractor?

Because I want to help people, one on one, to get better without the use of drugs and surgery. With the vast majority of injuries I've ever had (and there have been a few...) I noticed that I healed faster and better when someone took the time to put their hands on me, and work with me, one-on-one. I just wanted to return that favor!

What do you do for pain?

It depends on what's causing it! That's a primary focus of my practice: the proper diagnosis of what's ailing you. So much of medicine and drugs are aimed at masking symptoms when we should be worrying more about what's causing them in the first place.

How do you keep fit?

Stress! I ride a bicycle for commuting (and exercise), we have Kettlebell classes here in the clinic, and of course, trying to keep up with my daughters will make anyone healthy! I also gave up sodas (mostly) and boy what a difference that is making.

Next Adventure?

I'm thinking kayaking.  Big mellow ones, not the whitewater variety.  I recently had the fun of paddling the Siletz and it's wildlife preserve in a tandem with one of my girls and it was great!  Good exercise, got to see a lot of wildlife, and in general just had fun.  Okay, so the tide was coming in, the wind was blowing inland, and I did get a nasty sunburn, but, other than that, it was a great time!  Now to convince my wife we really need a few boats...  Any suggestions?

Favorite Pizza?

Oh...this is tough. I really like to make mine with Walla-walla onion chutney, kalamata olives, spicy sweet red peppers and a cheese or two. (Feta's really good with that one as is mozzarella.) Of course, a meat lover's supreme from an un-named pizzeria near Mt. Tabor rocks too.

Roll over or under?

Over all the way!