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Our location is:

The Terminal Sales Building

1220 SW Morrison
Suite 900
Portland, OR  97205

Tel: 503.213.3745

We finally moved in!

New Patients

The clinic accepts and bills most insurance panels for you.  Ideally, it'd be great if you could confirm your benefits before your first visit.  If you'd like us to see if your insurance is covered, call or email for confirmation!

postheadericon Moving

Yeah!!! We're all moved in!

Now if only I can find my stapler, or face paper, or...

We have finally moved in to our final location upstairs in Suite 900.  Ride the elevator and when it opens, there we are!

Come see us at the The Terminal Sales Building, at 1220 SW Morrison.


  • Five new treatment rooms
  • Easier access from the Interstates
  • Easier parking
  • Better neighborhood
  • All one floor
  • More patient openings
  • ...and the views...

Great! Where exactly?

The Terminal Sales Building, at 1220 SW Morrison, Suite 900.


Yes!  After lots of polling, it seems that the numbered streets are your best bet for finding a spot, and patients consistently report finding spaces to the South a block or two.  Of course, we do have in-house guest bicycle parking for well behaved wheels.


postheadericon Benefits Reminder

As the end of the year approaches, have you used up your benefits yet?

Most insurance plans roll over at the end of the year, and accumulated benefits reset.  Some plans, if you've used enough of them, no longer even require co-pays at this point.  Maybe you're one of those lucky ones?  We're always happy to help you improve your life, and if you've got the coverage, use it up!

Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) also expire at the end of the year, and usually any money you had left in there goes away.  That's not fun. Wouldn't you rather we helped you spend your money?